My Heart Feels Young, My Body Feels Old

Alyssa Nicole Schaefer.
-19 years kickin' it.
-Ohio bred.
-Pop punk, folk, folk punk, punk, punk rock, and emo are my favorite genres.
-I write for me, but enjoy it, please.
-I have a section for my photography.
-In love, for life.
-Don't party.
- B&W photography.
- Student at Cleveland State U.
- Don't drive.
- Liberal.
- Meat-eater.
-Pants suck and comics rule.
- Stage dives & crowd surfing.
-The sky is my favorite thing.
-TMNT and The Goonies 'til I die.
-Fearing life & growing up.
-Let's be friends c:


It’s cool if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, but don’t try to shame me for eating meat. We’ve eaten animals since the beginning of time! I don’t put down your beliefs and actions, don’t try to make me feel bad for mine. Oh you don’t care? Fuck you too.

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    Oh my.
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    you know, I studied and looked lots up on nutritionists. I was interested in the career. I now respect the career less,...
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    I usually try not to get involved in these kind of arguments but the truth is being vegan/vegetarian is better in terms...
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    Fuck yeah beef and chicken!
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